Robert Marshall Wallace


Robert Marshall Wallace

Mr. Wallace began his career in the energy business in 2007 working for Carla Petroleum Inc., a land consulting company, where he was involved in lease/contract negotiations, due diligence, and oil and gas title research.

In 2008, Mr. Wallace began working with Joint Resources Company (JRC), an exploration and production company, where he oversaw land operations.  Mr. Wallace was a minority partner on assets acquired/divested during his time at JRC.  Mr. Wallace led the leasing efforts in acquiring/divesting over 60,000 net acres in the Eagle Ford and Niobrara Shale.     

In 2012, Mr. Wallace co-founded Broman Oil & Gas LLC, an independent oil and natural gas producer, and served as director of land and business development.  During Mr. Wallace’s tenure, Broman purchased assets in North Texas, Permian Basin, Fayetteville Shale, San Juan Basin, and throughout the Rockies. 

Mr. Wallace received a BA in Economics and a minor in Russian language from Texas A&M University in 2006.