Valor pursues a disciplined focus on acquisitions ranging from $100M – $50MM in value.  Our targeted acquisitions will largely include assets with the following attributes:

  • Conventional stacked pay PDP assets with development and operational improvement opportunities,
  • Non-core or undercapitalized assets requiring reworks, engineering and/or cost cutting,
  • Assets located in major onshore producing basins of the continental United States,
  • Long term reserves with future potential of PUD locations and behind pipe at less than 9,000’,
  • Offset opportunities,
  • Primary focus area,
    • South Texas (Frio/Vicksburg/Wilcox Trends), East Texas (Shallow oil/gas), North Texas,
  • Secondary focus area:
    • Mid Continent & Rockies,


Controlling cost is Valor’s highest priority.  Valor is hands-on with every asset we own and operate.  We persistently review every commercial agreement to maximize the value for every dollar spent.  Our tenacious focus on cost control has allowed us to thrive during the bull markets and expand during the bear markets.  We calculate the marginal benefit of every dollar spent with the end goal of maximizing productivity at both the field and well levels.


While evaluating the purchase of assets, the Valor team keeps monetization as the highest priority.  Valor will remain focused on optimizing value to maximize returns for its partners through the following avenues:

  • Elimination of unnecessary expenses and capital commitments,
  • Invest capital to arrest decline and/or increase production through field level operational optimization,
  • Develop behind pipe and build PUD locations through strategic capital development thus increasing the proved reserve base,
  • Increase recoveries through optimization of secondary and/or tertiary recovery methods,
  • Fine-tuning chemical treatment programs,
  • Increase artificial-lift performance